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A place To get out under 21 in PDX

whats up in the pdx under 21scene!
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This is a place to post, news in your life, ask for advice from people in your area (anonymous posting is allowed), but most importantly this is a place to talk about whats going on: concerts, events, partys, festivals, critique writting or art, review books, records, plays, or movies.... whatever you want as long as its all ages. Lets face it, being under 21 and trying to find something rad to do sucks! tips on how to stay out of trouble are great too!

Theres only a few rules here:
1) To join, first apply, just title you application post with "Hello".... the chances are youll be accepted!
First Name:
Your "scene":
Where in pdx you chill:
Your school:
Your favorite way to spend your time when not at home:
Your favorite place to shop:
Your favorite band:

2) *iF U TYpE LiEK ThI$, DONT POST HERE! it pisses me off!
3) If you are here to bash on someone else or put down a group, scene, or event... please put it behind an lj cut.
4)If you post more than one picture put it behind an lj cut.